Technology Outsources Workers to Make Money

Kura Focuses on Efficiency, and Profits –

Mr. Tanaka set out to undercut his rivals with deft automation, an investment in information technology, some creativity and an almost extreme devotion to cost-efficiency.

I knew of the conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan, but did not know how they had used technology to outsource the workforce for profits. While it is a great idea and an example of how to use technology and IT to increase profits, it also shows the lack of human contact that I think we will miss if we go too far with this idea. Reach for stars, but remember the human aspect of your customers. This is a place I would love to go eat at once in a while, but I think it would wear on me because of the lack of human contact. I would much rather pay a little extra for something like Ichiban Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Sarasota where the owner, Tony, knows your name and you can interact with the staff and the sushi chef’s. No Robot sushi maker, instead I get fresh made to order sushi.

Sometimes technology isn’t all it’s cut out to be. Conveyor Belt Sushi and endless voicemail prompts when you call for service are two of those inhuman technology ideas.