What Was Read in 2010 on Edutechation?

Some interesting posts are amongst the top 11 most read posts on Edutechation in 2010. All but two of the top eleven are from 2006, ‘07 and ‘08. In fact a current post didn’t hit the list until #9 and that is a post I just wrote because I needed a replacement for Delicious. It wasn’t something I just decided to write about, but it was something that was of interest to a mainstream.

What does this tell me? It tells me that I should write about major current events in technology and write about cutting edge technology in the education field. I enjoy writing about things that are interesting to me, but if I want to grow the blog at all I need to focus a majority of posts in area’s that will generate traffic.

Posts Hits
Are Teachers Underpaid? (2007) 1,666
The secret to being good at Science: Take more Math classes (2007) 1,488
ActivBoards, A New Way To Teach? (2007) 889
Home page 658
Blogs & Wiki’s at the Elementary School Level (2006) 323
ActivBoards (A Page with links to other information) 317
ActivBoards a Year Later – Plus Miscellaneous Ramblings (2007) 205
Troubleshooting ActivBoard Issues (2008) 152
Evernote vs. Diigo – A Replacement for Delicious? (Dec. 2010) 134
Is Technology Helping Students Learn? (2008) 126
Google + Pacman = Virus Hoax + Stupid (May 2010) 101

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