iPhone Alarm bug Update

As of 6:30am January 3rd, I was not having any problems with regular nonrecurring alarm errors. I have seen none of the errors that people have claimed are still happening to them after Apple said the problem would correct itself on the 3rd. Some of the articles are linked below, but I don’t think that all the hype that it has gotten today has been deserved or completely real. It’s more of “an object in motion will stay in motion” type news story than anything else. It sells, and some have jumped on the issue that Apple did not respond Monday quickly enough or at all to requests for comments. Lastly, I saw the issue in different models of iPhones so it was not model specific as was suggested in one article that it only affected iPhone 4 users.

I believe the problem corrected itself as stated, and some of the problem lies in the media and jail broken iPhones.