A Gentleman’s Game?

Completely off topic, but something that I think speaks to why some things don’t reach their potential.

Golf has long been called the gentleman’s game, but is it? Golf lets fans watching on TV call in and report rules violations that they see while watching at home. I do not think golfers are cheating on the course with these violations that are called in. Many players have been disqualified, today was one of them in the PGA’s tour opener. I contend that Golf is not a real sport on the level of the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL. When have you ever heard of these other top sports letting a fan decide the outcome of a game by calling in a screw up by a player? A missed call in the Super Bowl that changed the game? That’s right, the answer is NEVER.

So, why does golf stand for it? Because of the integrity of the game? Because they are gentlemen? Because they just don’t get it?

I personally think they need to get a grip and come up to the level of the other major sports leagues.