WordPress iPhone App Doesn’t Play Well With Published Posts

I have the WordPress iPhone app and have used it to write and publish posts from my iPhone. I like it for a quick post when I am out and don’t have my laptop or I am sitting at my desktop, but I have found a bug that has messed up a couple of posts that I have written with Windows Live Writer and already published. I had been looking at how the posts looked on my iPhone with the mobile view on and noticed a grammatical error, so I used the WordPress app to make the changes and save them. I didn’t think anything about it until I was doing some research and looked back at one of the posts. I noticed that the posts had added hard line breaks in every sentence. When I went to edit them online I also noticed that next to the title of the post is the word “Standard”.

I’m not sure why the WordPress app is doing this, but beware, don’t edit already published material with the iPhone app. That is unless you want your post to look stupid and have to spend the time removing the line breaks.