Beware of How You Possess Something, It May Possess You

This is a continuation of my last post, “To Listen you have to be Silent”

Everyday we take possession of projects, jobs, tasks and other things in our lives. We make decisions that affect us and others. It’s all in how we interact with these things that makes them successful or not. Sometimes we let them get out of hand and we fail. The task takes over, makes us make decisions that we wish we hadn’t. Sometimes it becomes addictive and we continue doing the one thing that moves us in the wrong direction.

Don’t hold anything too tight, it will either die, leave you or fight back and take you over. It’s good to take ownership of a task, just remember to let it breathe, remember what is really important. What’s important? Yourself, your family and your happiness. Money doesn’t matter, adulation doesn’t matter. Don’t let what you possess take possession of you.