The Need for Approval

We all need positive reinforcement and approval. As we grow up we need it even more because that is what forms us as adults. Teachers and parents need to be there for our children, it’s the time when we gain our self respect. If we receive no positive reinforcement or we are made to feel that we what we did was never good enough, then we will seek out that reinforcement from others through out our adult lives. That doesn’t lead to a happy lifetime in my opinion. We have the chance to give our children the self confidence and respect that will guide them and support them as they grow into good adults.

If you weren’t given the positive reinforcement you should have gotten and are looking for it from others, relax and be confident in yourself. Respect yourself and be happy when complemented without asking for it. When you do that you will become a better teacher, a better parent, a better friend and coworker.

Children have more need of models than of critics. ~Carolyn Coats

2 thoughts on “The Need for Approval

    • Yes, watching them improve and then highlighting that to them privately via comment on a paper or a note to their parents is a special motivator.

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