My iPhone is All I Need

“Work Smarter, Not Harder” – Scrooge McDuck

I have a Blackberry provided to me for my work. I personally own an iPhone 3GS which gets my Exchange email, has my contacts, calendar, notes and bookmarks synced to it. I have a Dropbox, Evernote and Diigo account that I use on my iPhone as app’s along with my Google account that includes Doc’s and a Google Voice number. On the Blackberry I have email, contacts, calendar and the phone.

I use my iPhone because it’s faster, and easier to use. With all my notes synced and my use of Dropbox and Evernote I don’t have to worry about notes or information being archived after a certain period of time. The most important thing is that the iPhone is more of a computer that lets me do what I need to do extremely fast and easily. I also have a laptop that if I need access to a network resource that I can’t access with the iPhone I can plug in and boot, but having a computer in my pocket with instant access is extremely valuable to me.

My outlook is whatever it takes to get the job done so that the students and teachers are able to do what they need as fast as they can.


One thought on “My iPhone is All I Need

  1. I have an iPhone as well. I don’t think I could get by without one because there are times when I can’t access a computer or my laptop. I could also easily reply to important emails.
    But I still feel uncomfortable writing articles on my iPhone.

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