Lazy, Organized or Smarter?

Yesterday I talked about working smarter, not harder. As I thought about it more, does it really mean you are lazy or are you organized or are you just smarter? The truth be told, I want to get my work done with as little effort as possible. Does that mean I’m lazy? No, I believe that I try to be organized, put all my effort into getting the job done right in the most efficient manner.

I’m A Knowledge Hog

I had a Trigonometry professor that once said:

“Do the work, do it as soon as you get it. You will then have more time to do what really matters, which is learn more and become the best you can be.”

I took that and ran with it. I’m always reading tech magazines, CNN, my RSS feeds, Dilbert, writing scripts to do things that would make things go faster and easier. I learn a lot of things while I also find a lot of answers to things that I store in my knowledgebase for later use. People are always asking me how come I know how to do this and that, well this is why. I’m always trying something, I want as much knowledge as I can get.

In my opinion you should work smarter, not harder because you can do so much more.


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