Security Versus Learning

Whether it’s protecting a network from prying, curious students or accessing improper data from outside the network, security is important. But it needs to not affect how we teach our students. There are a lot of things that they shouldn’t have access to or shouldn’t be seeing or doing on the internet, so where and how do we decide what they should or shouldn’t see?

I’ve talked before that we need classes on computer and internet safety. The kids are already in the internet age, they are already using the technology and a lot of them can use it better than the adults. That means that we have the responsibility to guide them through the maze of social media, the good, bad and ugly. At the same time we need to control access with group policies and firewalls because we are entrusted with their safety at school. Another thing that I learned recently was that we need to look at all classes, all courses and programs for those courses to see if our policies affect those appropriate uses during classes.

There is no such thing as black and white in decisions. They blend into gray more often than not.

What do you think we should do?