Referring Links 99 Percent Useless In Blog

I have yet to figure out how anyone even looks at the Referring Links in the Site Stats for a blog. They are 99% useless to me. I only have maybe 4 good referrers in that list for the last 30 days or for that matter for all time. Here is a look at the referrers for just today to give a perfect example:

Do you really think that any of those sites are really referring my education and technology blog? So, honestly how do I get good data on what my blog is really doing? Even Sitemeter and the WordPress differ almost double in the amount of hits to this blog. A perfect example would be yesterday when I had 73 hits according to WordPress, while Sitemeter shows me with only 31 visits.

I don’t have the money to do a blog on a paid domain hosting site, so this is the only way for me see my stats. I left a hosted site that I was able to see my traffic with plugins, with Google Analytics and Sitemeter. So I am left to know that my blog is picking up visits based on my posting six days a week, but not with any real accuracy.

2 thoughts on “Referring Links 99 Percent Useless In Blog

  1. I have noticed that the WordPress stats seem to refer to individual page hits – so if someone wanders in and randomly clicks through 3 of your posts, that is 3 ‘hits’, different to 3 discrete visitors to your site.

    At least you aren’t getting random hits from porn searches (it appears my family name is regularly used as a search criteria in conjunction with anatomical improbabilities!).

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