You Don’t Have to Smoke to Get Lung Cancer

I’ve two had relatives pass away from lung cancer in my life. One was my Uncle who did smoke, rolled his own cigarettes for that matter, the other person was my Aunt who got lung cancer from my Uncles second hand smoke. Tonight I was doing a computer job for a gentleman that I knew had just recently lost his wife to cancer. As I worked on his two computers we talked about losing someone to cancer and he told me that he too had had lung cancer, but they removed his lung. His wife died from lung cancer and neither one had smoked in there life time.

You don’t have to smoke to get lung cancer. That was what this man’s wife wanted people to know. She wanted people to know that you should get checked every year for cancer, that you shouldn’t take it for granted that just because you don’t smoke that you won’t get cancer. The people that are trying to find a cure for cancer need money for research, a lot of it. They need our help, please go to the American Cancer Society web site to see how you can help.