You Don’t Need a Verizon iPhone and Here’s Why

The grass is not, in fact, always greener on the other side of the fence. Fences have nothing to do with it. The grass is greenest where it is watered. When crossing over fences, carry water with you and tend the grass wherever you may be.Robert Fulghum

grass-greener I have an iPhone, I enjoy it, no it’s not an iPhone 4 because I don’t jump into a new thing just because Steve Jobs tells me I should. I have a 3GS and it was only $49.99 with the adding of another 2 years to my current plan. I had the first generation iPhone and upgraded because of the price and I was able to upgrade at this time. I knew I could go to Verizon and have only paid around $100 for the termination fee with ATT, but with everything else included I said no, I’ll stay with ATT.

So why stay with what you have instead of change to a Verizon iPhone?


The Verizon iPhone will not do data and voice at the same time. This was an issue with the first generation iPhone’s that was corrected with the 3GS on ATT. But no matter what Verizon does, the iPhone isn’t going to do multitasking because it’s going to be on their CDMA 3G network which won’t do data and voice simultaneously. Verizon already has plenty of Smartphone’s similar to the iPhone that will run on their LTE 4G network which does multitasking.

Leaving the Country?

Don’t expect your Verizon iPhone to work in another country. CDMA is not the standard in Europe and most of the rest of the world, it’s GSM (ATT’s type of network coincidentally). You’ll need to do some research to see if you are a person that does a lot of traveling and need our phone to work.


The cost of the data plan, not unlimited, or actually Verizon made a switch this week to let iPhone users have unlimited data for the same $30 that a lot of us ATT iPhone users still have. But that is a limited time promotional feature that will end and you will end up paying for your data hand over foot. Lets also talk about the cost of a new iPhone, the termination fees, and the new two year plan. Let see, I paid $49.99 to upgrade my phone, or I could have went to the iPhone 4 for $199, but if I had switched I would have had to pay a $87.50 termination fee (based on what I have left on my current plan), $199 for the iPhone 4, with the data plans and other plans almost identical. When the data plan goes up, that will knock me back $20 a month more because of my use of data with my consulting. So, I would have ended up paying $236.51 more upfront and $20 more a month when the limited time unlimited data goes away. That doesn’t include the money to purchase a new phone for my wife and her termination fee.

Overall Difference?

In conclusion, you can see that going to Verizon would make me lose multitasking, the ability to use my phone overseas, and set me back $236.51 and more. That’s a lot of hassles to have better overall reception for voice calls. If you want good reception for voice, use a landline.


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