Good Reading In the Tech Field

Education… has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. – G. M. Trevelyan, English Social History (1942)

It has been a long week so far and I have not posted in the last two days. I really donโ€™t have the time tonight, but I decided that I wanted to write a little and link love was the best way. I read a lot of blogs, and participate in a few. The ones that I participate in are informative and they have more accessible blog writers that reply to comments or are active on Twitter. When someone gets too big, then starts to fade into the background while others write for them and are not receptive on other social media sites then the informative part of the blog is good, but it loses its interest as a spot to comment on.

Here are the blogs that I take the time to comment on and one new one that my virtual friend Michael Kwan has been hired to do the editorial and management duties (Mega Tech News):

Enjoy these blogs, enjoy the reading and get some great information.


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