Evernote Blackberry vs Evernote iPhone

My main phone is an iPhone, while my work phone is a Blackberry Curve. I think this gives me a good perspective on the two and how they perform versus each other on a daily basis. I use Evernote religiously on my iPhone, especially for transferring notes and certain emails from my work Exchange account because of the 90 day archive rule. What is the 90 day archive rule? Well, after 90 days everything is archived from our active view in Exchange. What this does is make notes or flagged emails that I need unavailable to my blackberry. I can, and have done in the past, go to the archives and retrieve them with my desktop client for another 90 days, but that is a pain. That is why I use Evernote with my iPhone, and have just tried it with the blackberry.

Evernote Blackberry

I have only two words for the blackberry addition of Evernote, “IT SUCKS.” Yes it is like any other app for the blackberry which is, slow and not user friendly. I can’t even get the whole app, which is one screen on the blackberry screen all at one time. I have to scroll to get the search box, come on please. It gives me very little in the way of menus or access to settings, sync options or anything. Navigation is basic, and to me, DOS like. Here are 2 screen shots of what the app screen looks like.

Evernote iPhone Edition

I use an iPhone as my regular phone because it is like a computer. The apps are real apps that have real features, like settings, multiple pages, real searches and are easy to use. If I need a note, I don’t have to fight the GUI to get it. If I want to sync or change settings I can from another screen with a quick tap. Here is a look at the iPhone screens that are just so easy and all fit on one screen without scrolling. As you can see it has everything in one page without scrolling while all the choices at the bottom are tap and go. Manual syncing is easy, sorting and searching are easy. Have you seen a theme? “EASY”

Evernote iPhone Main Screen

The Winner Is…

In a landslide, Evernote for the iPhone is by far the better of the two apps for this popular service. It is a shame that RIM cannot put out the same quality app’s that we see in the Apple App Store. Evernote for the Blackberry is usable, but not easy, nor what I would want to try to use when I need something in a meeting or at a site while I am setting up a computer or meeting that I need some information.