Disney At The Park And The Resort Is Not What They Advertise

We are back from our Disney weekend and my kids had a great time. One of the things that I have always like about Disney World, other than it is less than 2 hours away, is that it was always a great experience. I am starting to get a different opinion after the last few visits to resort hotels.

The Fun

We had a great time at the parks, while the cleanliness has went down and the crowds have increased to shoulder to shoulder over the last few years. The cast members are pleasant and accommodating, especially to the kids.  Here is the great time we had in pictures, from the Arrival, to the Crystal Palace breakfast to the Princess Dinner.

The Resort Disappointment

We had reservations at the Value Pop Century Resort because we had stayed there a few years ago and our daughter wanted to go there for the kiddies pool. We booked the reservation and nowhere during the process did Disney World warn us that the main pool with the kiddies pool behind it was closed for renovation. To me that is just bad business. It made Camille very sad, which made me very mad. Okay, not a great start, and the solution that they gave us was the let us drive to the nearby Caribbean resort to use their kiddies area. Sorry, that isn’t a solution. I don’t want to drive somewhere after being at a park all day just to use the pool. I paid for something that was advertised and it was not available meaning I didn’t get what I paid for. So, we made the best of it and waded into the big pool holding the kids for 10 minutes which wasn’t any fun for anyone.

Lets move on, shall we? After going to the parks on Saturday, we arrive back at the resort at 8:30pm. We go to the room, start to get settled in and I notice that the trash cans have been emptied, but the bags haven’t been replaced. Moving on I get ready to take a shower and turn on the water to get the temperature right and get startled by the water coming out of the shower head soaking the back of my shirt, my left arm and head. To my surprise housekeeping had left the shower on, not putting it on the tub faucet. Enjoying yourself yet? Taking the shower became an event having to use 2 small towels because the large shower towels hadn’t been replaced. Let me just mention without detail that they didn’t replenish the toilet paper either. To end the night I went to pull the covers down, fluff the pillows for my son and myself and find that housekeeping has put the pillow covers on inside out. There are strings and seams hanging from the pillow case.

I didn’t know that part of the price of the room was for me to do the housekeeping correctly.

The End

I did call at 9pm to voice my displeasure, but no viable solution was given to me by the night manager. She wanted to have someone come up and remake the beds, but we were in our night clothes and I had already redid the pillow cases. We carry 1 extra toilet paper and I carry 2 big trash bags for dirty clothes so I used one for regular trash. You can’t fix something like this when we are leaving in the morning.

While this is a value resort, it is not the service that anyone should expect from any hotel, let alone Disney World. I will be asking a lot of questions before I book my next Disney resort, or I will book the Hilton at Downtown Disney where I have always had a great time. I will not book another reservation at the Disney Pop Century ever again. I would not recommend that resort to anyone. STAY AWAY, book a hotel off property or a more expensive resort hotel and ask a lot of questions before confirming your reservation.


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