Moving Day Is Not Only Stressful It Is Also Painful

Moving day was Thursday. My wife and I had been preparing since Monday, but it’s never enough. We were woefully prepared, one because the whole family has a cold and two because with 2 kids you can’t get anything done until 11pm.

Fortunately, I had my brother in law for help. It took us 3 full loads in a 17′ foot Uhaul. I did the last trip myself because it was almost 5pm and James had to go. I also did 2 trips Wednesday night in the Minivan. It is very stressful moving in general, but with 2 younger kids it seems to be even more so.

Now the pain part is setting in. My legs hurt, I mean hurt to the point of crying. It is more my hip flexors and my elbows. I am not a whiner so don’t go that route. I will sit through some intense pain to do my job, but we over did it today with just the two of us.

Remember to have more help lined up than you need. You will just get done quicker. You won’t over exert yourself, you might even have some fun. I know that I had a good time working with James, but it would have been more fun with 2 more people. We got done at 8:30pm, then went to dinner and the grocery store. Then we had to get the kids to bed. We finished getting them to bed at 11pm.

With the extra hour to setup the bedroom with lights, alarm for the morning and get ready for bed it was after midnight when my wife made it to bed. Myself, I am on the couch while our two year old sleeps on my pillows to fight the cold.

It is now time to rest. I will catch up on my RSS tomorrow.