Movie Review: Battle Los Angeles

Retreat – HELL


I normally wait for movies to come to the dollar theater before I go see them, but I liked the trailer for Battle Los Angeles and so did my wife. So, this was the perfect thing to do for a date night. Drop the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

What we got was an action movie that lives up to the hype, has a few subplots, aliens and a few humans that try to outsmart the aliens. Sound like a cookie cutter plot, yeah it was a little with the basic plot so similar to Independence Day, that I was waiting for Randy Quaid to fly in and Jeff Goldbulm to nuke the aliens. But other than that I thought that the rest was original. SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE AND BE SURPRISED DO NOT READ FURTHER.

Thanks for joining me for the rest of the story. Battle Los Angeles stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Ramon Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan in Santa Monica and Los Angeles during an Alien attack. The attack is a surprise because it is disguised as a bunch of Meteor showers, until the US government discovers that the meteors are slowing down as they approach the Earths surface. The attacks (Independence Day) are being aimed at the worlds major cities all across the world.  The Aliens want our water and are going to wipe out the human population to get it and in the beginning of the movie they are doing a pretty good job. The Marines are called in, Aaron Eckhart is the Staff Sergeant that had his last platoon all killed around him and the story every other marine has is that he got them killed. That makes for a lack of trust and some tension between the characters.

Ramon Rodriquez plays the wet behind the ears 2nd Lt. that everyone loves, but has never been into battle. He does a great job playing this part, he makes the outcome of his character very climatic. As the platoon navigates through the streets of LA to save civilians at an overrun police station, Eckhart shows us his experience while the platoon gets killed one at a time around him by superior alien forces. As time goes by and they try to get back to the safe zone with the civilians, he gains the trust of his troops, but it is the death of a civilian that they are trying to save that changes the whole theme of the movie to a real Marine movie and Eckhart into a John Wayne type leader. During this struggle to get back to the safe zone they find the aliens are using a main command center and most of the troops are drones, controlled by the command post. When the civilians are safe, the new mission becomes to find and destroy the alien command post.

In the end, nah I’m not going to tell you that, but I enjoyed the whole movie. Prop’s to the cast for a great job giving us a good 2 hours of entertainment.



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