Teach Facebook In Schools But Teach The Teachers First

When Arsenio Hall had his late night talk show, which I liked a lot better than either Leno or Letterman, he did a bit called ‘Things that make you go Hummmm’. I read something that made me go ‘DUH’ tonight, while I see things like this all the time I wonder why some people do it. Everything you place on the internet is out there forever and for the public to see, no mater whether you think it’s private or not.


There were two teachers recently that posted on Facebook about their students, and guess what? They were reported and are now facing suspensions and maybe worse. That is just poor common sense, and should be something that we teach our students, but not with this kind of example.

Our children are living in a world that we didn’t grow up with, and some of us don’t relate to it but we need to teach them how to understand the Internet and Social Media. Many adults don’t know what a smart phone will do and don’t care, but we need to. We need to learn and teach them how to make the proper decisions in this jungle that is a maze of unknown faces.


My advise to teachers, or public servants: If you don’t know how to use the technology, DON’T USE IT. We need to teach the teachers how to use the technology and we need to start adding classes to teach it to our children.


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