Florida Republicans Want To Outsource Education

There is now a bill in the Florida Senate to let students take virtual classes from companies, not certified Florida teachers or school districts. What person would let anyone teach classes to students over the internet without a strict certification in the state and without some form of human interaction?

The bill’s sponsor, state senator Anitere Flores (R-Miami), calls it “broadening the choices available to school children and their parents.”

Teachers call it “outsourcing.”

The bill, SB 1620, passed unanimously through a Senate committee yesterday, would create virtual charter schools, allowing students to sign up for them with or without school districts’ permission.  Companies worldwide would be able to provide online courses.  They would be available to children from kindergarten through twelfth grade –

Florida Republicans seek to outsource teachers, further privatize education – Miami Dade County Education Policy | Examiner.com

I have taken college courses with via the internet, but we also had to go to the college to see the professor for certain benchmarks and a final exam. This bill has nothing of the sort, it is just a way to stop funding education in the state so that conservative legislators can say they have balanced the budget. Yes, you balanced the budget while taking any type of education away from the people that are going to run this country in the future. On top of that, we are assuming that these internet kids, who have grown up with computers, cell phones, Facebook, MySpace, electronic games and other social media want to actually sit in front of a computer and learn English, Math, Social Studies, etc.

We need to stop the conservative far right wing from destroying Florida and America today! Write your Senator, and all your elected officials to tell them that our children’s education belong in the hands of properly funded certified teachers in live classrooms.