Big Business vs Constituents In The Eyes Of Politicians

Does anyone remember a candidate who promised to raise everyone’s home insurance bills? That’s poised to happen soon, thanks to statehouse maneuvers to benefit private insurance companies. Does anyone recall a candidate who promised to help Florida Power and Light corner the market on alternative energy, or a candidate who ran on a platform of denying life-giving drugs and medical care to those who need it the most? – Gov. Scott and Legislature favor big business over Florida residents |

Yep, that’s the way it’s going in Florida these days. We blindly elect officials and they blatantly and openly turn their back on us. They say they are lowering our taxes and government involvement in our lives, while at the same they increase our insurance bill, take away needed help for our elderly making them pay more money that they don’t have and increase our electricity bills. All the while they are getting rich from the support and money they receive from the big businesses and Party Leaders.

The Florida Senate released a proposed health care budget that slashes more than $1 billion from the state-federal Medicaid program and hundreds of millions more from mental health and drug-treatment programs. –


When are we going to wake up, really ask some hard questions, start realizing that the people we elect to represent us, don’t really want to represent us, they just want to get richer. I want to leave you with a quote from a President that while had his faults, hits the nail on the head:

No wonder Americans hate politics when, year in and year out, they hear politicians make promises that won’t come true because they don’t even mean them – campaign fantasies that win elections but don’t get nations moving again.
Bill Clinton 42nd president of the United States – Detroit Economic Club, August 21, 1992

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