Parents Have A Responsibility To Their Children

I have two children and work in a school district that I see children every day. I read online news all the time, today is no exception. I see articles, not all the time, but very frequently that make me cringe and just make me hug my own children. Today I saw an article about a woman who drowned herself and 3 of her 4 children in her minivan because she had a fight with the children’s father! One of he children, the oldest 10 year old was able to escape from the van by rolling down a window. This is not a random event, this is something I see a lot from parents. It’s something different every time, but what’s up?

My wife asks me all the time why I read these articles if they bother me so much. My response is because it makes me think about how much I love my own children and makes me listen closer to the children in the school district when I am in a classroom fixing a computer or installing something. I want to understand, I believe it makes me a better parent with my own kids.

Why? These are your children, you brought them into the world. They unconditionally love you, need your support and it is your responsibility to take care of them. You should love them unconditionally too. I find this just unbelievable. If you can’t, then take them to a government agency, the Fire Department, anywhere, but don’t take their lives! If are upset, feeling like you want to get revenge, don’t use the kids, go get help from a doctor or from the police. Taking your life or your children’s is not a choice.

Go give your kids a hug, I just did.

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