Hack Your Firefox Extensions To Work With Any New Update


With Nightly 7.0a1 you have to be EXACT with the version. DO NOT use a WILDCARD *

I use a nightly version of Firefox and even the stable versions break your favorite extensions from time to time. I use an Extension called Nightly Tester Tools that forces compatibility 99% of the time, but for the one percent that it doesn’t work with I have to hack the code for the extension. It’s really not that hard, the actual extension installs are nothing but ZIP files. Step by step, here is how you get your favorite extension to work with your Firefox if it breaks.

  1. Right click the extension download and select “save link as”
  2. One you have saved the extension to your computer (XPI file) open it with your favorite archive program. (I use 7-Zip)
  3. Inside the XPI file will be a file called Install.rdf. This file you can open with a text editor. (I use Notepad++)
  4. In your editor, you will see code like this:

<!– FireFox –>

Where it says <em:maxVersion> change the version number to the current version of Firefox you are using or to 4.* which will wildcard all versions of Firefox 4. Once you have changed the number, save the file and add it back to the XPI archive. Now, you can right click the XPI, open it with Firefox and install it.

You will now have a working extension, enjoy!