iPhone Tracking, New Beetle and The Facebook Suicide Girl

I’ve been watching a few things the last few days and thought I would share the links, and some comments.

iPhone & iPad Tracking Your Locations?

Yes Apple is compiling a database of your locations on your iDevice that is synced to your computer when you do a Sync with iTunes. Okay, I’m not happy  they are doing this, but they haven’t phoned the info home to the Apple servers yet and it would have been nice to know what they were doing. Is it sinister? Not yet, but why would you do this if you didn’t already have an idea what you were going to do with it.

The New Beetle Is Unveiled

I’m looking forward to seeing this car from Volkswagen on the road, but I’m hyped about the standard eight speakers. Opt for the premium VIII audio system, and you get an integrated CD changer, an SD card slot and touch screen. You can also get navigation! Okay, the navigation isn’t that hot with all the GPS devices on the market, but built in could be cool.

The Facebook Suicide Girl

Here’s the deal, it’s not a virus, but it’s viral. If you are gullible enough to click the picture/link of the pretty girl you are taken to the Allow this App page in Facebook. If you are REALLY gullible and allow the the rouge app, you have now allowed strangers to post this on your wall for your other friends to see and to propagate virally throughout Facebook. The rouge app also wants you to fill out a survey where it get all of your other personal data, so there are infinite possibilities for what is going to happen to your identity. Why do people fall for these STUPID links?