How To Make Money On Amazon?

I love watching my twitter feed and reading my RSS feeds for interesting items. Today I was relaxing when I came across a tweet from @edbott who is tech writer and MS MVP. He writes the Windows Inside Out books for MS Press, so I like to see what he has to say in the Twittersphere. Today he tweeted about how he would love to make 23 million on his newest book and he linked to a blog post. After reading the post, I was amazed and enthralled by this article at how Amazon would use algorithms for setting prices on books. I enjoyed the read and theory behind the algorithm, but it did give me the thought to step back and think if this is something that should be made illegal on a site that hosts sellers at fixed prices.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I have an Amazon account, but I will take a hard second look at what and how I buy from Amazon.