Google Definition Of “Opt In” Is Backwards

Google is trying to make itself look like the hero in the iPhone location tracking data snafu this past week. The same thing is happening on Android phones, it’s just no one is making a big deal over it. The other day Google responded with a statement that while they do have location tracking that is sent back to the Google servers, it is “Opt In”. I have read part of their statement and their definition of “Opt In” sounds more like “Opt Out.”

On Friday, a Google spokesman said “all location sharing on Android is opt-in by the user.”

However, this definition of “opt-in” doesn’t mean the system is off by default for people who use the typical Android set-up. Rather, when a user activates an Android phone, a screen appears saying Google’s service provides location to applications and that it will collect anonymous data even when no apps are running.

The box to accept this is checked by default, but the user can uncheck it. – WSJ

The last sentence is the defining part of the quote. If the box is checked by default, you are Opting Out not Opting In by having to uncheck it.

The media likes a story, they will invent one if it’s a slow day. Just beat the story until it’s fluffy and has enough hot air to incite the publics paranoid gene and away we go. Now we have Congressmen trying to look like our saviors by writing letters to Apple and making statements to the press. Before you know it we will have a Senate investigation that will waste our tax money, when it could have went to something more important like unemployment, homeless people, gas prices, the economy as a whole.

This “outrage” is not going to help the country, economy or the American public have a better life at all.