Happy Mothers Day From The Kids Perspective

Today is Mothers Day in the United States. I have two children, one six and the other two years old. Doing things with each of them for their Mommy is very different.

The Kindergarten View

My 6 year old can cook, use scissors and be independent with some guidance and help in the cooking. She made breakfast in bed for her mommy, with my help at the stove and toaster. She was able to crack the eggs, whisk them, add the salt, place the bread in the toaster and press the lever down. I poured the eggs into the frying pan, and let her use the spatula to stir the eggs to start the omelet. She added the cheese and I finished the cooking and plating. She buttered the toast, put sugar in the cup that I later poured coffee into. She then walked the breakfast into the bedroom to “surprise” her mommy.

The Toddler View

On the other hand, my 2 year old ate breakfast with mommy, got cleaned up and then helped daddy pick out designs, flowers and font type of the MS Publisher card that we created for his mommy. Now, after printing it, and folding it he “wrote” Mommy at the top of the card and his name at the bottom. I love the abstract writing of a two year old, there is nothing like it. Next, we took it to mommy, who just fawned over the card and the effort that he had put into signing it and picking out the flowers and the cover picture. Not being happy with just a computer card, he decided that he wanted to draw his own card. So, out came the crayons and the paper. In 5 minutes we had a beautiful abstract of rockets, tennis balls, the sky, flowers and Mommy! He then had to cut out a corner because his sister had done the same thing.

The Daddy View

Watching and helping my children show their love of their Mother is a special thing. It makes you feel good that you have done a good job raising them and they want to make her feel special. Children give unconditional love to their parents when they are young because you are the caregiver and they trust you. We as parents need to show them the same love, the same caring. They are our children, we brought them into the world to love, to teach, to grow into healthy, happy adults that are with us until we pass.

What we lack in this world is family and love. Maybe if we celebrated our families every day we would not have some of the problems we have in the world today.

On a side note, today is my 7th wedding anniversary with “Mommy” my wife, who I love dearly. (Michael Kwan notice I used the term anniversary correctly).


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