I have had a revelation in the past few days. I need to get back to the values I had 10 years ago when I was learning the Martial Arts. My mind and body are cluttered with thought and confusion.

I have not trained in a few years because of work, injury and family. I lost my way, the path is not clear, I need to find the path I left. I can’t explain what made me come to this decision, but a poem I wrote in 2005 conveys part of the lost feeling I now have.

The beautiful sunrise.
Do we see it?

Sitting on the sandy beach.
Do we feel it?

Eating our food.
Do we taste it?

The flowers blooming.
Do we smell them?

The laughter of our loved ones.
Do we hear them?

Each moment in time.
Do we use them wisely?

Lest, don’t let life slip away before all these things are cherished.

2 thoughts on “Cherish

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  2. hey ray, good stuff. In the world of today, its hard to find good habits or do something useful to relax our bodies with all the new gadget and technologies. I also think that working out is something that I need to do more often!

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