Want To Get Left Behind? Stop Growing!

rotten A friend made a comment to one of my rhetorical questions last week that make me think. I was talking to myself aloud and said

“I don’t understand, it’s not rocket science.”

He responded:

“Because they haven’t been doing anything to learn anymore than they have too. They made themselves dumber.”

I had never thought about it like that because I am always reading, learning the new trends, trying new things. I never thought about just doing what I needed to get a job done. I don’t want to be the other guy,  I want to be the best. I always keep this quote from Ray Kroc in my mind:

When you’re green you’re growing. When your ripe you rot.

2 thoughts on “Want To Get Left Behind? Stop Growing!

  1. Too bad I’m not a teacher and you haven’t looked at the blog. I’m a Tech Support, but thanks for the catch. If you had, you would also know that I make typo’s all the time, but catch most of them at a later time. Maybe you should search the blog because I actually talked about grammar and typo’s as not always as important as the meaning.

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