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I write this blog, not to make money, but to write, educate and just plain old talk. Until December of 2010 I did not make an effort to be consistent or worry about whether anyone was reading what I wrote. Since then I have worked on actually writing things that are current and mean something more than my ramblings, while at the same time I started posting more frequently. I had set a goal to post 1 post per day and did keep that up for a month then found that my job, and family constraints made that impossible if I wasn’t making this a money making venture.

I have been posting about education, technology, current events and even doing technology product reviews on an average of 3.8 times a week. This consistency has lead to an increase in daily visits from 20 per day over the last 4 full years, to 62 as of the 31st of May. My best year (Jan.-Dec.) was 2008 with 9570 visits to Edutechation. That record has be retired as of this morning when I had my 9571st visit in just 5 months and 4 days. If I continue at the current pace of 62 visits a day I will more than double 2008’s total with around 22,630 visits.

These numbers are grains of sand to most blog owners like John Chow and Michael Kwan, I do not earn my living from this blog or social media as they do. But, I do consider them a lot for me, and a step forward in my goal to monetize the blog over the next two years. One of the things that has helped me on this path are the two gentlemen that I mentioned above and their book Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul.

To celebrate this milestone I have promised to take my daughter anywhere she wants to go this afternoon, just her and Daddy. I will then come home and write a post about the end of the school year and how it really isn’t.


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