School’s Out, Well Not Really

The school year for our students ended on Monday, but that only means that the official school year ended. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of things to do or that we just shut down until August and here’s why.

I always leave Monday’s free on my schedule, unless my boss has a project for me to do because that is the day that seems to have the most unplanned service needs. Weekends tend to do that to people and the technology that they use, but the last day of school is notorious for not being busy with service requests. It’s a day for goodbyes for teachers and their students and button up day in the classrooms. But it was Monday and of course I get call from my boss to take care of a project for him that took part of the day.

The rest of my week  is a different story because it  had been scheduled for over a month, every minute of the the day is planned for training summer school teachers, to setting up for a move of a schools administration to another location while their office is being gutted for AC renovations, then doing the move later in the week, to tech support for teacher training in Promethean ActivBoard technologies and software for use in the classrooms with our students.

The school based tech supports are just as busy because they have to collect all technology from their teachers, check their inventories, start end of year cleaning and maintenance of technology and help their teachers be prepared before they get to my trainings this week. Of course they also need to plan for teacher return in the fall as early as possible because they are also going to have their own trainings and are going to be asked to participate in district projects or they are going to have to support summer school at their location.

As we work our way through the summer, I will also be planning for the promotion, rollover and imports of students and teachers of the programs I support at the district level. All of this requires the cooperation of the vendors, school administration and the district curriculum department. At the same time I will be planning for the Science Fair that isn’t until January 2012, but I don’t like to be behind the eight ball when it comes time to do my technology part. I also have special projects that can only be done without students present, so I have to plan for them too.

So, as you can see, school might be out, but it really isn’t. We are preparing for the next school year, all summer long.