It’s A Game, Get A Grip Vancouver

Vancouver Riots After Losing Stanley Cup Finals

While I single out Vancouver, there are a lot of places that have rioted after a major sporting event in America and Canada. I’m not even going to go into detail in the soccer crazed countries that have riots as much as a common occurrence as hockey games have on ice fights.

What gets me is that the riots are by fans, not the players of the game. The key word in that sentence is “GAME”, which is what is being played. It’s not a life altering event, it’s not the OJ trial or (Friday was the 17th anniversary of) the slow speed Bronco chase. So, why is it that 2 of the 3 times the Vancouver Canucks have made the Stanley Cup Finals, their fans have rioted after the Canucks have lost? My thoughts are that they aren’t really professional sports fans, that the people rioting are just casual fans that just happen to be low life trouble makers.

But, I still wonder why there were no riots in Philly last year when the Flyers lost to the Blackhawks. The Flyers haven’t won the Cup in 34 years, so you would think there is a lot of pent up anger there at the team for not being able to win. Especially when the Flyers have made the Stanley Cup Finals a lot in those 34 years, a lot more than the Canucks have.

Just to lay some stats in here to compare the Flyers 2 Cups since 1967 inception with 8 trips to the finals and the Canucks 0 Cups since 1970 inception (yes that is only 3 years difference) with 3 trips to the finals. The Flyers have an all-time points percentage of .578 in the regular season (as of the end of the 2010–11 season) which is the second best in the NHL, behind only the Montreal Canadiens‘ .590 points percentage. The Canucks on the other hand have a .480 all-time points percentage and have played in 189 less playoff games, which cannot be accounted for with the 3 year difference in inception dates. The Flyers also have a winning record in the playoffs of 209-194 to the Canucks losing record of 98-116.

So, if anyone has a problem with not winning the cup, it should be the Flyers fans because we are 2-6 in cup appearances with an 0-6, 34 year streak going on.

It’s a game, lets get a grip and treat it that way Vancouver.


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