NY Post Blocks iPad Safari, IT Department Clueless

While I can understand wanting to get paid for information because paid subscriptions to print news is a dying breed, I can’t understand how the IT department fora big corporation like Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post can’t block browsers correctly. If you haven’t seen the articles, the NY Post is blocking direct access to its site via the Safari Browser on the iPad. This is called blocking by Browser Agent and is easily worked around if you don’t know what you are doing.

This is the type of IT work that makes life easy on the hackers of the world. If you want to see a drop in sites hacked or this type of blunder, you need to get IT staff that understands what they are doing, understands the media that is connecting to their content or networks and isn’t so confident that they think they know it all.

Do you really think that the hackers are standing still? They are working all the time, day and night with a passion to show the world that the establishment aren’t as smart as they think they are. You are only as good as you make yourself. If you don’t work at learning the newest, latest and greatest, if you don’t try to break into your own systems then you aren’t going to be able to stop those that are.

These are all great learning lessons for the establishment and those in power of the people that run their IT departments. Mr.Murdoch, I’d be happy to show your IT staff how it’s supposed to do its job. Drop me an email.