You Can’t Control Everything

As I sit here waiting for my syringes for my new medication, insulin, I think about how we can and can’t control everything in life. Today I am pretty bummed out because I do not want to take insulin or more to the point inject myself daily with insulin.

Could I have prevented this? YES, I could have. Could I have prevented myself from getting diabetes? No, in the long run no matter how well I had taken care of myself my body would have betrayed me. My family has a history of diabetes, so I expected it some day.

The lesson here? Eat right, exercise and take care of yourself and you can control the small parts of your life. There are things out of our control, but do what you have to so that you do not end up where I am today.

I will be starting another blog to chronicle my daily struggle to control my diabetes. Look for an update soon.

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