Happy Birthday Babe

Today is the 100th birthday of Babe Didrikson Zaharias. Who is that a lot of you are probably asking, well she is what I and a lot of people consider the worlds greatest athlete to ever play sports. Yes, any sport and a women at that.

She played baseball, softball, tennis, track and field, was an Olympic gold medalist and a founding member of the LPGA. She once won 14 straight golf events and 82 all time. She as a one women track team at a meet against teams of 222 and 23 women, at which is won won 6 gold medals, amassed 30 points and won the event for her sponsored “team” by 8 points over a team with over 20 members. She married a professional wrestler and fought to overcome the prejudice of women competing against men or just strong women during the early 1900’s. As one of her last unbelievable feats she was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery, and came back to win a golf tournament before passing away in 1956.

We need more role models like this today for our kids. While she was a sports figure and I don’t think athletes should be role models, she grew from humble beginnings to fight for good moral values and it shows that no matter who you are you can become whatever you want with practice, conviction, and will power.

Happy Birthday Babe!