Tips For Google’s New Minimalist Look

I have seen some people say they don’t like the new Google “Cleaner” or minimalist look. Depending on the app, like Google+ it looks good because of the amount of items on the page. Some, like Gmail or Calendar it seems just a bit too much white space. I have kept my Gmail with my Pebbles theme because as you can see from the screen shots it is way to much white with no borders. I have moved to the new look in Calendar because there are border lines to break up the look.

Here are a few Thumbnails from each, click them to enlarge:


  1. If you want you don’t need to change on Gmail from your current theme. Right now it is not a requirement and I would not see them making it one.
  2. In Google Calendar you can click the gear on the upper right of the page and choose “Use the Classic Look” if it’s not right for you.

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