Technology Can Kill, The Education Of Texting While Driving.

Our children are our responsibility, they are our legacy to the world. I support the technology in the education field because I want the children to get the best education they can. I believe with technology we can positively impact that education, including the teaching of the use of social media and new technology. This spans past the normal boundaries of reading, writing and arithmetic and should because our life is so much more than it was even 20 years ago. We need to teach about Facebook, Google, Smartphones, Texting, Tablets and that’s just the beginning. These technology advances are part of today’s culture and are what our children are using everyday. It is also what the business community is using and they need how to use them correctly.

I was working on some computers at our district transportation headquarters this past week when I was asked to help with a slow computer and some videos that were being used for vehicle safety in the high schools. One of the videos was about texting and struck me very hard because I have 2 young children and one on the way, that at some point in the future will all be able to drive. We teach Drivers Ed in high school, why shouldn’t we be teaching the proper way to use the technology. We are using this video as an example in a small demographic because it is only shown to Drivers Ed students or students that take driving safety. We need mandatory classes on Social media and how to properly use it, and how to be safe using it.

Update: After reading and receiving feedback from Larry Magid on a post of his on Google+ I have decided that the video below has too much shock value and might be of little value because of that. With that in mind I am adding a link to Larry’s article on CBS and another YouTube video for you to watch.

If you don’t think we should educating our children in this, I believe you need to take the time to watch these video’s:



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