Blogging From Google+

I’ve been watching my stream in Google+ and have seen some talk about using it as a blogging tool. If you also have +Mike Elgan in your circles you have seen his great piece on “If This Then That” or IFTTT for short. That article has gotten my programming juices going to play with different tasks to create what IFTTT calls recipes.

One recipe has worked great for me, which is to send my Google Calendar alerts to my stream through my Gmail/Google Voice SMS. You can find the recipe here: I’ve also created a task to have my Twitter posts sent to Google+ and my G+ to Facebook. I have not made them into recipes yet, but will when I feel they are working well enough for me.

So, where does this take me with blogging in Google+ you ask. Well, IFTTT has a WordPress channel. This is the test post for that action, where I am using the G+ RSS feed to trigger an action in the WordPress channel when I use a keyword in a G+ post. I’ve decided to use the keyword trigger at the end of the this post to keep it out of the way of the content. While the post going to WordPress won’t have a category or tags, I can add them later or I will look at how I can add them automatically.

Keep a look out for more about how this goes. I will definitely let everyone know the outcome.


from Ray Ebersole – Google+

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