The Most Important Tools I Carry With Me Everyday?

The most important tools I carry with me everyday?

1. Bootable Linux flash drive
2. Bootable Sardu flash drive with self updating Bitdefender, UBCD4Win, Ubuntu and password hacking tools
3. Portable Apps Flash Drive (16 Gig) with complete set of utilities and the Sysinternals Suite
4. USB to IDE/Sata drive connector
5. Small toolkit set

That’s all I need to solve any computer problem. The flash drives fit in two clip on cases to a loop on my pants, the USB/IDE/Sata and tool set fit in my JanSport backpack with my laptop. I do carry some specific tools to fix the Promethean ActivBoards and other things in our school district, but they are special to the job. The main 5 are what I would recommend to all Tech Support Professionals.

For good reference and knowledge, I would recommend any book written by +Ed Bott of which I own at least the last 3 Windows Inside Out.

from Ray Ebersole – Google+ Post Feed