The Best OS or the Best User Experience, There is a Difference

The Best OS or the Best User Experience, there is a difference.

I just posted in a limited circle a response to a comment about Windows and which is the best OS. I felt the need to share an edited version in my public stream. What is below is in response to a comment that was in response to something I posted to someone who is an expert in the computer field that I respect and in the Windows OS in particular. The other commentor is not the Windows expert, just someone else responding to the original post.

In my original response to the Windows Expert I made the comment that Windows wasn’t the greatest, beat all OS when it was first born. Windows has grown over the years, taken steps backwards (WinME) and half baked releases that should have stayed in the oven until they were ready (Vista which I call Win7 Jr.)

Linux or the Mac OS are not better than Windows as a computer OS. I use them all in my work in K12IT and computer consultant. The easiest to use with the most programs for the end user by far is Windows. It’s the most maligned for a reason, but has gotten better as it has grown. It is also the biggest in terms of end users because Apple decided a long time ago to be proprietary. That decision is what made the WinTel computer the leader in the industry with the Windows OS as it’s main OS. That decision, if it had been different may have changed what everyone considered for their choice of computer. Would you have bought an Apple computer if it had cost what a PC clone did back in the 80’s?

Linux is not a mainstream OS for the average user, never will be because the end user does not like to have to do a lot to get it to work. It needs more user input for setup than Windows does and end users complain about the amount of input they have to give for Windows. That being said, they won’t migrate or use it.

Linux is great for an advanced user that has more defined needs. It is great for tech support and diagnostics. If fact I carry Knoppix on a CD and flash drive that I use more often than not for fixing things. I also have Ubuntu on a Flash and use it as one of my backup servers at home. I do not use it as a basic desktop because I have a wife and children that need to use the computer for themselves.

Macs, I love them. I own an iPhone, my wife uses my old iPhone, a few generations of iPods, a blue iMac laptop and green desktop. I have an old g4 desktop that is also a backup server. I also have a Macbook Air, an iPad 1 and 2. They are all great devices, and what I would consider the best tools for the digital age, but it is overpriced overall for the end user and does not have enough third party products for them. The decision to be proprietary, while making for a better overall product because Apple controlled the show, also made them unaffordable to the general public

They have the best integration with all their devices, but until they bring the prices of their desktops and laptops more in line with the cheaper PC market they will not grow through the single digits in desktop OS market share which OS X has about 7.5% as of August. By tying the iDevices together and making a digital experience I believe that they can move the market, but they should adjust their PC prices to make people switch. If they do, then you will see the rise of Mac and the decline of Windows.

They all have their advantages, disadvantages but Windows is the best OS for the end user because of sheer availability, cost and amount of 3 party products for it.

My preference because of integration for product overall are Apple products, not OS X, Apple’s product line. Until they bring down prices and we have more options on OS X, then Windows will reign as the leader.

from Ray Ebersole – Google+ Post Feed