I Dislike Repeat Lessons

I Dislike Repeat Lessons

Today I didn’t learn something new. No, I learned a lesson that I had learned a while back, but let myself get the better of me and had to repeat the lesson again today. In business both public and private, the government and k12IT there are things that you can change and things that you can’t. You can agree that this applies to life away from work too.

I can really only control the job that I do every day. I can’t control anyone else, I can just do the best I can for the people that I help. I can’t expect every one to be happy with the outcome of what I do, but I can make sure I am happy with what I complete by making sure it is the best that I can do and I am proud of it when I am done.

If I have done my job and I’m happy about it then I can go home with a smile on my face. If I let what others think about what and how I am doing my job, then I am not in control of myself and I will never be happy. You cannot make every one happy, so just worry about making yourself happy.

It’s not about them anyway, it’s about me and how I feel about me.

from Ray Ebersole – Google+ Post Feed