Education in What Makes Things Work at School and Work

Education in What Makes Things Work at School and Work

In k12IT I work with computers, AV equipment, networking, Active Directory, SharePoint, and a wealth of educational pieces of software. In my family life I have 2 young children and a wife that is 21 years younger than myself. We are expecting our third child February 28th, 2012.

There are a lot of things technology wise that they are growing up with that I didn’t. Some include the vTech and LeapFrog line of educational games, while the computer along with web sites for the many different programs that they can watch is just mind numbing. Today for example, my 6 year old daughter used my iPhone to play matching and math facts games, while my 2 year old son and I played puzzle games on the Bob the Builder web site. He pointed out tools and where they belonged on the tool wall for me to put away in one puzzle game.

There are so many things that are good for them educationally in the way of technology even at these young ages, but they are not baby sitters. You need to do things with them, like my wife working with Camille on her Solar Powered Pizza Box oven to test how they cook smores .  I played with my son making a blueprint to make a fire engine. I did the drawing for the most part, with him telling me what we needed next and I let him pick the colors. Now we have to go get the parts to make it, which will be a trip to pick out the Lego set and ask Santa Claus for it.

That is what’s needed, that is what makes things work. You need to make the brain work with HUMAN interaction, the machine is a tool, not the means to a healthy child and member of our future society.