Strike 2 Apple and Tim Cook

Strike 2 Apple

You don’t get a lot of chances in k12IT, and the same goes for businesses. Apple might be the exception though. Today is strike 2 in the Tim Cook era and it comes on the heels of the iOS5 first day debacle. Now, the servers at the iTunes store are refusing connections, which is Apples polite way of saying we have fallen and can’t get up (sorry for the senior commercial moment). Add too this that Twitter is trending the outage and you have a massive outpouring of bad PR.

Crash and burn is not good for a company once, let a lone twice. With the following that Apple has I don’t see all this affecting it that much, but I know another business wouldn’t get the slack that Apple gets.

Tim Cook, a small piece of advice, you need to get on top of things. You need to be a bad ass once in a while, the nice guy stuff doesn’t cut it all the time just ask John Sculley. Remember you don’t have Steve Jobs to come in and rescue you this time.

from Ray Ebersole – Google+ Post Feed