Communication or Just Get It Done

Communication or Just Get It Done

There are a lot of levels in K12 education and K12IT is modeled just the same. We have Elementary, Middle and High School levels with each one have similar standards, networking and policies. But each level also has it’s own specific programs for the students learning needs.

So, how do you take care of each level the same way and different at the same time? You need to communicate between levels. I am a district zone tech, so I see each levels needs, while there are techs at each school that see their own specific needs. If we don’t communicate, we become our own little islands. That is not what we need, we need to be able to provide the same experience, or learning path for all students no matter where the attend school.

There are times when we have to “just get it done” so that the student can continue to learn. But after they are taken care of we can then communicate what happened and what needs to be done so that the problem doesn’t reoccur somewhere else. It’s a two step process, they are not separate when you are working as a group.

Get it Done + Communication = Positive Success

from Ray Ebersole – Google+ Post Feed