We Are All Just A Speck In The Sand

Some perspective during the Thanksgiving holiday:

A parking lot cart attendant at a major retail store decided to create a petition to stop his retailer from opening earlier than normal on Black Friday because it cut into his time at home on Thanksgiving day.

So, in the whole scheme of things his day is messed up because he had to sleep a little differently and go to work late at night. Did he think about the men and women in the military who are away from their families for Thanksgiving in a far away land defending our country and could lose their life at anytime doing that? Did he think of all the homeless people or the people who do not have a job like he does? Did he think of the people who are working two jobs to pay the bills?

My thoughts? This guy has a very small view of the world. He needs to spend some time at a volunteer line, delivering meals and toys to the homeless and less fortunate. His eyes are shut, they need to be opened. Be thankful for what you have, because someone else is doing something or in worse shape than you. We are nothing more than a speck of sand in the whole scheme of the world and the universe.