2012 The Mayans and Other Thoughts

Happy New Year to all. I have not written here in over a month because I have been working two jobs full time. That, plus the holiday season has led to very little free time. This morning while sitting with my soon to be 3 year old son I thought I would type out some quick thoughts for the new year.

First off, I have been reading a lot about the Mayans and some prediction that the world ends this year. If they had that great of an ability to predict the future, why could they not stop their disappearance as a civilization? Now, I don’t think they vanished completely, but there isn’t even a population or mention of them after their supposed vanishing.

Second, the US political year is heating up for our Presidential election this November. But it is a totally muddled field for a decision. Four years ago the Democrats swept into power because the Republicans would not compromise.

Then, not yielding to history new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi goes on a power trip and doesn’t compromise. That leads to the loss by the Democrats in the midterm elections to the GOP and their ultra conservative Tea Party wing.

Now, you would think that this would teach the GOP leadership that working together was the best solution to keep your advantage and increase your chances in the 2012 elections. But it seems that shortsighted leadership by new Speaker John Bonner and the new Tea Party congressional members has led to the same inability to work together until backed into a corner.

The recent payroll tax fight is the best example in the recent month that has hurt the GOP. Of course add to that fact that none of the GOP Presidential candidates has shown that they can lead with all the great fumbling and bumbling of different candidates each week. There is a new leader and new scandal each week to make the GOP look inept and at the same time increase the probability that President Obama will be elected to a 2nd term in November, while the Democrats will gain seats back in Congress. They may even win back the House of Representatives.

Lastly, I have been watching the Florida Governor Rick Scott flip himself on funding for education. He is trying to save himself in his bid for reelection in two years, but unfortunately for him he also thought that compromise was not necessary and he has damaged his reputation with the people of Florida to the point of no return.

He has alienated his own party in the legislature and that is not good for him or his future in politics. Thankfully his moves have shown the people that voted him into office what a mistake they made and he will be gone in the midterm elections.

Well, I wish everyone a happy new year. If you want to see my thoughts on other predictions for the new year, stop by Beyond the Rhetoric for Michael’s 2012 predictions and my comments.