School Year Ramps Up and Do What You Can

I am enjoying my last long weekend before teachers come back on Tuesday the 14th. As a 12 month employee I work over the summer vacation doing 4 day weeks, 10 hour days. I’m one of the few people that does not like the 4 day week because while it ends up being the same amount of hours for the week as a 5 day week, you really can’t get everything into that 4 days that you can in a normal school year week. One reason is that we have projects that take a lot of planning and not just one project, many that all have time limits that your work is dependent on other departments. Teamwork and timing are extremely important. I miss the extra day.

The most important part of the year are the next 2 weeks, teachers next week and students the week after that on the 20th. It’s full of work, no matter how planned out you make it, you can’t rely on that plan. It really is just a wish list of things you want to do because there will always be something that makes it so that you cannot do any of your list. That is where the “Do what you can” comes in. If you worry about getting everything done, pleasing everyone then you will fail. Not only will you fail, you will make yourself sick worrying about it.

What are the most important things to remember?

  1. Do your best
  2. Do what’s important
  3. Smile in the face of adversity as all hell breaks loose around you
  4. It will all be there tomorrow

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