Thanksgiving or Black Thursday-Friday?

As I sit here relaxing during a rare day off, I ponder if it is really a holiday or if we as a community have let ourselves get out of hand with shopping, gifts, deals, doorbusters or whatever the big retailer want to call them. We no longer control Thanksgiving, it is controlled by greedy retailers that want to get the most shoppers out of the limited quantity that are actually out there.

What is really a shame is that the retailers will continue to invade on the traditional holidays because some people will actually show up on Thanksgiving evening to get those “doorbusters”. It’s not going to change until the retailers get hit in the pocket by shoppers revolting to say no more. While the retailers are trying to make a buck in a competitive market, it is also an infringement on our traditions and our families.

I know it is not going to stop because there is always a portion of society that is going to go along with the insanity, but I can always hope.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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