Random Thoughts and Ramblings

Just a bunch of thoughts this week. I could have and might still blog about some individually. Enjoy.

America isn’t sue happy, it’s the idiot lawyers who file the suits instead of advising clients to forgo frivolous lawsuits. Case in point is the lawyer in Miami suing the NBA Spurs for misrepresentation for resting stars against Heat.

The right to bear arms was to form a militia over 200 years ago. We have no need for one today and I don’t believe the forefathers meant the arms to be ones that can fire hundreds of rounds a minute or for clips that can take out a whole 20 or more people with only 2 clips.

Why does anyone care about Lance Armstrong?

The French government is clueless.

Florida gets an overall B minus in education but a D minus in student achievement. The Governor is happy, but doesn’t mention that the state ranks 49th in per student spending. Wonder where that D minus would be if we spent like a B minus state.

Just saying….. Of course if you have an opinion go ahead and comment.

A dragon lives forever but not so little boys. Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys. – Peter, Paul and Mary