We Will Always Have Pro Sport Lockouts

I have watched the NHL lockout with an eye toward the end results and the fan reaction. When the lockout ended and the games began last week, fans were lined up at the stadiums, online, on TV, on radio and Twitter. This is why we will always have pro sports lockouts and strikes. As fans we cannot blame the owners, the union, the players, the negotiators or anyone else but ourselves for lockouts and strikes.

Why? Because we go back. We pay them our money just like Pavlov and his dogs. We complain, whine and moan about the money the teams get and the players make for playing a game, but we don’t show that anger by hurting the teams by not going to the games, not watching them, not buying season tickets, not buying their team merchandise. No, instead we get all excited like a kid that just got the Transformer toy they wanted because the lockout is over and the season is starting. If we want to not have these stoppages in the sports we like, then we need to show the players and the owners that there are consequences when have a work stoppage based on complete greed.

The money they make comes from us, not some wishing well or invisible source. You want them to understand, to work things out before a work stoppage, then withhold your support and money. If you go back, give them your money, then you have no business whining about the price of tickets, food, cable, parking, other NHL merchandise or that you couldn’t watch hockey for 113 days.

It’s basic economics and business 101.


Here is a link to an article on Philly.com about how the NHL Lockout slammed the NBC Sports Network and how the first game back from the lockout was the networks best since 2005.